The Bridge at Mullaghaduff


Come all you lads & lassies & listen to my song

It’s only eight short verses & I won’t detain long

It’s all about the fella’s who went out and did their stuff

When they all got together to build the bridge at Mullaghaduff


It was in the year of ’75 the Brits they blew it down

And when the river flooded each neighbour must go round

By Ballinarea and Clarebane each driver in a huff

For with no bridge they couldn’t get across at Mullaghaduff


The farmers put a foot walk on one fine summer’s day

But when the river flooded the walk was washed away

You could cross by Terry’s meadow when the water was low enough

But when the winter rains came no one crossed at Mullaghaduff


For eight long years it lay there, till the summer of ‘83

Henry Arthur called a meeting; he said you all can see

The water’s low we’ll have to go and build this bridge or bust

For not one more day must go by with no bridge at Mullaghaduff


Well the boys held their meeting and soon the work begun

The fella’s in attendance I’ll name them one by one


The Mc Mahon’s CHARLES and HENRY all there at Mullaghaduff


SEAMUS BELLEW brought his digger and THE LOCKHEARTS built the walls

GENE ROONEY mixed the mortar to make sure they wouldn’t fall

MICK CONLON with his tractor helped put the chassis’ on

But we could not have lifted them without Big TAMMY JOHN


Well now the work is finished and I must end my song

I told you when I started it wouldn’t take too long

The bridge it looks a master piece though it might be eight years late

It used the be the CROOKED BRIDGE but now be God its straight


When we started this venture, we knew we took a chance

It cost a lot of money, that’s why we run this dance

So if you bought a ticket, we say THANKS A LOT

You’re welcome anytime to CROSS THE BRIDGE AT MULLAGHADUFF


The End

Henry A Mc Mahon 1983


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