Killea has no shop!

Killea has no shop! That is a shop of convenience, serving the community with fuel, groceries, newspapers and even ice-creams.

As long as the oldest members of the community can remember there was always a shop in the area.

Peter Curran now in his eighties can’t remember not having a shop. He names Jennie Quigley, Willie White, and Lily Doherty’s black hut, Sam Lockhart’s Portlough Stores, Dan and Nora Harley’s in Garshuey, Willie Toland, Kildrum, Wilkin’s Carrigans, McAnaneys near Carrigans Customs Post, Maggie McClelland Mullenan, Fred McDaid’s wee shop, Mickey Toland’s border stores and then owned by Johnny Doherty and Willie Crossan, Danny McGill and then Andy Curran’s and in turn Noel Murray and the Top Shop which closed recently. There may be more, but that’s for another day.

James Galbraith in Churchtown used to deliver groceries to farmers in the area and then we had Callaghan’s of Burt with their door to door shop, Vincent and Anton McGowan and then Pearse Callaghan, no longer on the road.

Kevin A. McFadden

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