“Don’t worry we can still get there”

Found memories as a seven year old in going for an evening trip in the pony and trap to Omeath.

Dad Michael (Micky) Moore of Dromalane Road, Newry would often take some of the family for a spin to Omeath of a summers evening. Mum, Emma, would decide whose turn it was and off we’d go. Dad enjoyed a smoke, as did my uncles George and Danny. The plan was, in my memory, each person was allowed 40 cigarettes across, so even though we were children we were each allowed our quota. This obviously meant there were plenty of cigs to go around. When we reached the border it was spiked with concrete posts as to not allow anything through. But Dad was never beaten! When we arrived at “The Spikes” as he called them, he would take the pony out of the trap, help walk the pony through, and then lift the trap over with our help. We set up the pony and trap again, and we’d be on our merry way! Dad often told stories regarding the smuggling, about people coming back to Newry on the train. They would throw their goods off the train, into a field near home, and then return to the field on foot to collect them. Three of my older brothers Dan, Jack and Eugene, were interned during this period and I know dad was proud to do his bit to defy the so called ‘system’ at the time

Martin Moore

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