Belcoo Bridge

Belcoo Bridge, Fermanagh/Cavan Approved Road

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  • This was a approved route; the British Customs was situated on the Belcoo side of the bridge and the Irish Customs on the Blacklion side of the bridge.

  • The British Customs had a tin hut place on the road with wooden barriers to stop the traffic.

  • When the Customs closed in Belcoo it was knocked down and a residential house was built on it. Conway’s Funeral Directors.

  • In Blacklion a new business enterprise centre has been built on the site of the Irish Customs hut.

  • "There was a 24 hour manned Garda checkpoint supported by the Irish Army in Blacklion with just over 40 Garda which included 6 Sergeants. "

  • The Belcoo Bridge was rebuilt in 2011 in the middle of the bridge on the border line the fingers of two hands were pressed into the concrete block to represent “Hands across the Border”.

  • If a prisoner escaped from Loughan House a Prison near Blacklion, they would always head towards Sligo rather than face crossing the border and meeting the British Army or RUC. On one occasion a prisoner did cross the border swimming across the Belcoo river. He was caught by the RUC and handed over to the Irish Prison Service on Belcoo Bridge.

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