The Unapproved Road

Blacklion, Fermanagh/Cavan Concession Road

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  • The road was blown up in the 1950s by the British Army, the explosion caused damage to nearby farmer sheds.

  • The crossing was closed and spiked until the early 1970s it was then reopened and became a concession road.

  • In the late 1960s a Protestant School bus was stopped by two men and the children were forced off it before it was set on fire and burnt out.

  • A local man had obtained some butter over the border and had it parcelled up and tied to the front of his bicycle. On his return he stopped off at the local pub in Blacklion before making his way back across the border. On his way back across the border a customs man caught sight of the parcel and gave chase on foot, we shouted at the man to pedal faster…but unfortunately in the heat of the pursuit his chain fell off the bicycle before he made the border crossing, the customs man caught up with him and confiscated the butter.

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