Aghafin, Spring Grove, Fermanagh/Monaghan Unapproved Road

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  • This is the main route from Roslea to Clones. The crossing had bollards placed on it and was blown up by the British Army. It was refilled several times by local residents on the Clones side.

  • At Mullinahinch / Aghafin, one day a small group was attacked by a group of the British military, I recall an English accent shouting, “stop throwing rocks”, then “stop throwing fu@king rocks”. I looked round but nobody was throwing anything. We had just made our way back to the Monaghan side and were standing about in a group discussing what to do next. Then there were two bangs and a plastic bullet hit a car that we were standing beside. The other flew overhead into a field. I retrieved the first, as it was spinning around at my feet. I couldn’t find the other. That was about 1990 (it is shown in “then” photo gallery above (grey bullet)).

  • The black rubber bullet and shell (shown in “then” photo gallery above) was fired by the British military at Mullinahinch / Aghafin in 1972. I wasn’t there at the time but it was given to me by someone that was, with the date “1972” written on it. At that time, there were hundreds of people out, and many rubber bullets fired. The British military used to charge and try to retrieve as many of the rubber bullets as they could, as they could be re-used.

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