Rough Hill, Tattymore, Fermanagh/Monaghan Unapproved Road

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  • This was a crossing that passed through a working farm.

  • It was spiked in 1956/57.

  • It was blown up in the early 1970’s. The British Army took the farmer down the lane and blasted the crossing which killed pigs and cows on the farm and blew the roof of the shed.

  • In 1984 the British Army blocked off the crossing and another entrance from the farm (which allowed the farmer access to his fields in the South of Ireland) with concrete bollards and an 8 foot high wire mesh fence that extended either side of the farmers land. This meant the farmer had a round trip of 15 miles to get to his fields on the southern side of the border. Part of the fence was eventually removed after a long drawn out consultation with the Department of Agriculture and the British Army. This allowed access to the farmers’ fields on the southern side of the border.

  • The bollards were removed in 1994.

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