Ballagh Bridge

Ballagh, Figanny, Mullan, Tyrone/Monaghan Unapproved Road

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  • The bridge was blown up in the early 1970s by the British Army, but pedestrians could still cross the cratered bridge.

  • On the southern side of the bridge there was a dancing deck - a place where people gathered on the border to socialise.

  • A border shop situated on the southern side seen a lot of trade with people from as far as Dungannon coming to buy goods from it.

  • An extract from Memories Of Mullan Village by Jackie Kerr (Sent to Seamus Mulligan in the early 2000s from Jackie Kerr in Stony Point, New York). Smuggling white loaves of bread from Northern Ireland across both Ballagh and the Black Bridges. The bread was purchased in Clark’s or McManus’s. Forever looking out for, and evading the Police, who were constantly after smugglers – big and small. Losing loaves to the Police could mean no tea, or very little tea that afternoon. The white bread was preferred over the Black Loaf that we ate in the Republic.

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