Annaghroe Bridge

Annaghbeg, Annaghroe , Tyrone/Monaghan Unapproved Road

2 Newspaper Clippings


  • The road was blown up in the early 1970s but this blocked a local resident from getting into the north so this was filled in by the British Army and they then blew up the Annaghroe Bridge.

  • No footbridge was put in at this crossing and it was never repaired.

  • This was the last border crossing to be opened according to the tour guide. Monaghan County Council had the contract to rebuild the bridge. The plaque on the bridge is dedicated to the reopening which happened on the Wednesday 20th October 2010.

  • After the reopening of the bridge the local residents were concerned that the heavy traffic would destroy the character of the rural road, but traffic remains low as the Old Great Northern Railway bridge crosses the road at one end, stopping any high sided vehicle’s from traveling along the road.

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