McCellands Crossing

Doosky , Listarkelt , Armagh/Monaghan Unapproved Road

2 Newspaper Clippings


  • The crossing was first blown up in 1970 at Wilsons farm in the north, not on the actual border. This was around Christmas time.

  • The crossing was blown up three times, the last time was at the point where a bridge crossed the stream. This was never repaired.

  • People would drive into the field in the north and out the other side which was in the south, to go around the craters.

  • A local resident’s home house is not far from the crossing and remembers her father telling her, that the explosions from the British Army blowing the road, up caused damage to their house.

  • The British Army removed earth after blowing the crossing up and took the earth and dumped it half a mile away blocking the entrance to a cattle shed, the farmer was unable to move the earth and was never able to use the shed.

  • A local resident remembers some of the border crossings in the area being cratered in the 1956 campaign and in 1957/58 spikes being placed across the roads. People could still cycle through these, most people used bikes to cross the border as you had to have a bonded car and were only allowed to cross at the main custom points.

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