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Drumnart, Listrakelt, Armagh/Monaghan Unapproved Road

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  • The road was blown up in 1956 and then spiked, people would cycle back and forth across the border.

  • In 1970-71 the crossing was blown up by British engineers early in the morning around 6am. They were watched over by British soldiers on the road and on the hills overlooking the crossing.

  • Local people would fill the craters up the next day and the British Army would come out and blow them up a week later.

  • The crossing was blown up at least ten times by the British Army.

  • Several gun battles took place at this crossing.

  • After a gun battle between the IRA and the British Army at this crossing, it was said that over 2000 rounds was fired that day and the tracer bullets could be seen flying over McChesney garage in Clontibret.

  • A resident of the crossing remembers hiding on a steep bank near the crossing as bullets ripped along the bank in a line three or four times during an IRA and British Army gun battle. He dislocated his shoulder in the incident and lost his watch. Neighbours found his watch a week later!

  • A local resident remembers ramps being place on the crossing first, then concrete bollards. It was then dug up before being blown up.

  • A local farmer and his daughter triggered a bomb at the crossroads on the northern side of the border as they drove past the device on a tractor and trailer, it was the largest bomb to have gone off in Northern Ireland at the time. They both survived.

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