McGeown's Border

Mile Hill, Knocknaneen, Tullynawood, Armagh/Monaghan Unapproved Road

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  • This crossing was first blown up in the early 1970s. It is a very boggy area and the crater left was massive.

  • Residents made alternative routes around the crater but this was a boggy area and not easy to get across.

  • On one occasion after locals had filled in the crater at the crossing, the British Army blew the crossing again and also ripped the road up about ¼ of a mile into Northern Ireland. This cut off the routes for post men and milk trucks and access to farms in the North. The road had to be resurfaced on the Northern side to allow access.

  • On another occasion when the crossing was being refilled by locals, a bus load of help had come from Cork. The British Army had fired tear gas into the crowd. Word came through that the IRA was going to open fire on the British Army. As the crowd moved away, some people were holding onto a tractor. The IRA opened fire and the British Army returned fire, and “the Cork men jumped and scattered from the tractor looking for cover - they were not used to the sound of gunfire”.

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