The New Line Crossing

Tavanaskea, Knockowen, Armagh/Monaghan Unapproved Road

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  • This crossing was spiked in 1956-57, the spikes lay at the side of the road for many years.

  • This crossing was blown a number of times.which left a massive hole. “It looked like a small lake”. Animals were killed when the crossing was blown up and rock and debris was scattered onto the field’s causing damage.

  • In the early 1970s the British Army ripped up the road on the Northern side up to the main road, this had to be fixed at a cost of £18,000.00 pounds.

  • The locals made makeshift roads around the blown up crossing using telegraph poles to bridge the river. The British Army tried to remove the poles at one time but were unable to do so. The field that the makeshift crossing was in was then blown up to make it harder to drive around the originally blown up crossing.

  • The crater at this crossing was so large at one stage it took 52 cars to fill up the crater.

  • In the mid 1970s after negotiations with the British Army they allowed the crossing to stay open as long as a gate was placed on the crossing, locals would close the gate after them when using the crossing.

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