Fane Valley Crossing

Altnamackan, Lurganearly, County Bridge, Armagh/Monaghan Unapproved Road

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  • This crossing was spiked in 1956-57.

  • The Fane Valley Co-op is located just across the border on the Northern side of the crossing and was used by farmers from North and South, it was blown up a number of times. It was rebuilt each time and is still trading today.

  • A massive concrete barrier was placed at the bridge by the British Army to stop people from using the crossing. A large crane was hired by a local person and this was used to lift the barrier out of the way. The crossing remained open from that point on.

  • This was a main smuggling route.

  • This was regarded as mainly a Protestant area. A local resident said "that you always had the feeling that the British Army were in the area watching."

  • On one occasion the British Army would not allow the Protestant Minster to cross from the South into the North to attend his church and take the service.

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