Taylors Folly, the Low Road

Kilnasaggart Bridge, Jonesborough, Armagh/Louth Unapproved Road

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  • This crossing was spiked then cratered many times.

  • When refilled the British Army cratered the road from the Kilnasaggart Bridge to the border, roughly 30 to 40 craters in total. The road remained closed until the early to mid 1980's and it took a number of days for the road to be reopened due to the number of craters needing filled.

  • During one attempt there were 50 or 60 people involved in trying to reopen the crossing. The British Army landed by helicopters close to the crossing. The locals, whilst moving the machinery back across the border became involved in scuffles. Two of the locals were taken by Army snatch squads and a further six were taken later the same day. They were bounded and placed on the ground. One of the captured men recalls this memory "One of us kept trying to roll his way back over the border, it would have taken him at least half an hour!", given the distance and that he was tethered and lying on the ground and surrounded by British Soldiers.

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