Drumad Wood

Drumad Wood, Jonesborough , Armagh/Louth Unapproved Road

3 Newspaper Clippings


  • This crossing was spiked.

  • This lane does not existed anymore it is now the slip road from the Motorway the N1/A1 into Jonesborough.

  • There was an old RIC (Royal Irish Constabulary) barracks situated at this crossing, the building is still there today.

  • There is an old Church of Ireland church at this crossing, half of the grave yard is said to be in the South of Ireland. It used to have services in it once a month, it is now closed and has been sold.

  • Looking into the South from this crossing you can see the back of the Drumad Garda barrack's which was still in use until 2000.

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