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About This Project

Border Roads to Memories & Reconciliation Launch Movie October 2014

Border Road to Memories and Reconciliation – Project Showcase Movie

The Project

In September 2012 ‘Border Roads to Memories and Reconciliation’ set out to provide an opportunity and space for residents along both sides of the border to remember and express their feelings in relation to the closure of border roads and the impact that it had on their lives. During the course of the project, we have digitally recorded the feelings of segregation and marginalisation that border residents experienced, and linked these accounts with recovered photographs taken at the time of the road closures and newspaper articles that covered the events. This material is available on our new interactive map and website –

The website, which has mapped all of the border roads, will create the legacy to this unique period in our island’s history and will contribute towards building trust and sustaining a stable society through the recognition and acknowledgement of these individuals as victims.

The Team

Padraic Smyth is the Project Manager for this project. Padraic has been involved in the Community Sector for over ten years, working as a Development Worker on a number of Peace and Reconciliation funded projects in addition to five years employed by ‘Border Action'(now Pobal), directly supporting community and statutory organisations funded under the Peace and Reconciliation Programme all along the border region. Formally a Computer Science graduate, he received 1st Honours Diploma in Community Development through University College Cork in 2001. Padraic is a Co. Monaghan native who has experienced living on both sides of the border.

Ciara King is the Research Officer for this project. Ciara has studied with the University of Ulster and National University of Ireland Maynooth. She has been involved in Cross Border Cross Community Projects since 2000. Her experience and training both on a personal and professional level, comes from a combination of living and working in a rural border area deeply affected by the troubles. Ciara has strong background in Oral History and Story Telling. She is deeply committed to Voluntary work, Community Development and Peace Building.

Bronagh Treanor is one of the GIS/Media Officers for this project. She studied at the University of Ulster, obtaining a BA in Humanities Combined (2003) before embarking on a MSc. in Town and Country Planning (2005). She worked in the planning sector from 2005 to 2009, in various local and regional authorities in the Border Region. During this time she worked in the forward planning section, responsible for the production of maps for inclusion within the development plans. In 2010, she began working in the community development sector where she undertook work on numerous cross-border and rural development projects. She is a native of Co. Monaghan and has a strong working knowledge and interest of the Border Region.

Tricia Kelly is the Administrative Officer for this Project. Tricia assists in the day-to-day management and co-ordination of the Project. This involves maintaining the Project Office in Latton, Monaghan dealing with all project administration, and ensuring that all outputs and expenditure are in line with the project budget and programme priorities. Tricia has worked in the Northern Ireland Assembly, Stormont (1998-2003) where she gained a great insight to the peace process. She is a native of Co Fermanagh and has grown up in the border area.

David McMullan is one the GIS/Media Officers for this project. He studied at the University Of Derby, obtaining a 1st Class Honours Degree in Visual Communications. David has a breath of experience working as a project manager on government multimedia projects for the Department of Education and Training in England and Wales. He has also developed numerous digital solutions for the private sector. David has lived on both sides of the border and has a good understanding of cross border community issues. After returning from living and working in England for over ten years, David has settled in the border area where he has become active in helping mentor young people in the local community.

Team Member Interviews


  • Video Interview: Ciara King. Research Officer.

  • Video Interview: Padraig Maguire. Steering Group.

  • Video Interview: Pat Lennon. Steering Group, Director of Latton Social Services.

  • Video Interview: Padraic Smyth. Project Manager.

The Outcomes

  • 6 launch events were held throughout the border region to kick start the project.
  • 540 participants attended events which were aimed at assisting victims and survivors of the border road closures.
  • 20 events were held to assist victims and survivors.
  • 180 participants engaged in storytelling activities about their past. These included people from both a Catholic and Protestant background and from both sides of the geographical border.
  • An archive has been created, which provides a balanced and shared experience of the past. All information archived is displayed on our website.
  • An interactive map and website ( has been developed to reflect the impact and experiences of border communities during the conflict.
  • 37 cross border storytelling workshops were hosted.
  • 9 showcase events will be held throughout the border region to highlight and celebrate the project’s success.